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50 minute individual session: $185
50 minute couples session: $220

Sliding scale fee occasionally available, please call with questions about that pricing.  Longer sessions are often recommended for EMDR. Payment is requested at the time of each session for in person and remote sessions unless otherwise discussed.  I accept payment in the form of debit card, cash, check or paypal before or at the time of your session.  My rate increases slightly periodically, though no more than annually. I will give you a minimum of one month’s notice of any fee changes.

At a minimum I request 24 hours notice and charge your fee for missed sessions with less notice. Realizing life is what it is with unanticipated last minute changes I make an effort to offer same week reschedules if I have the availability and only charge for the session that occurred.

As with most marriage and family therapists in the Bay Area, we are out-of-network insurance providers and do not participate directly in any insurance panels. We are happy to provide an itemized bill for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. 
In order to assess what kind of coverage you have prior to making an appointment, ask your insurance provider what your out-of-network mental health benefit is and if what, if any, your deductible is for mental health coverage


Erik Deiters, AMFT (LMFT 123439)
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